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Who Else Wants to Write and Present a Riveting Maid of Honor Speech...All While Performing The Maid of Honor's Duties with the Utmost Respect, Dignity and Class?

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I have some very important questions for you to read and to consider…

Read the following questions carefully:

  • Are you  eager to write a compelling, from-the-heart maid of honor speech.. yet you’re struggling with the writing process?
  • Are you nervous after being asked to be the maid of honor, because you are not sure of all the tiny details that every maid of honor just seems to know… naturally?
  • Are you simply concerned about how you can be the very best maid of honor as you possibly can?
  • Have you scoured the internet in search of great maid of honor speech examples and maid of honor speech samples… but have not found anything of real value?
  • Are you concerned about what kind of gift you should give the bride?
  • Are you worried about what to place in the beginning, middle, and end of your speech?
  • Are you worked-up over the various etiquette that is critical to every maid of honor’s survival?
  • Are you curious of how to steer clear of the common maid of honor mistakes?
If You Answered “Yes” to Any of the Above Questions – Then I Have Some VERY Important News for You…
You are not alone.

These are common worries and concerns that every maid of honor has — and trust me — it’s totally normal and it’s probably quite healthy, actually.

Because, if you did not have these concerns, you’d not be focused. Being the maid of honor and presenting a speech is a great honor, and it’s your duty to know exactly what you’re doing… and you better do it do it darn well.

Believe It Or Not: I Didn’t Even Know What a Maid of Honor Was.

The truth is this:  I was in your shoes once.  I was probably less educated on the topic than you are — in fact, when I was asked (by my best friend) to be the maid of honor, I had no idea what a maid of honor even was.  I was ultra-embarrassed to ask anyone.

Thankfully, I have been practicing public speaking since I was in the fourth grade.  I’ve won numerous awards and have spoken at many events.  I’ve taken Oral Presentation courses and have been involved in numerous plays and theater events throughout the years…

So when the wedding day finally came, I did my duties and I presented my maid of honor speech. And, like most things in life, it wasn’t worth the stress. I made it.. and I did well.  I had my struggles — but everything came out beautifully. I  was glad I did my research and preparation. It was all worth it in the end.

Since that wedding, I’ve been asked to be the maid of honor twice and a bridesmaid three times.  One was for my cousin’s wedding, and the other from another close friend of mine. With each experience, I gained a much broader insight on the entire event. I gained a sort of wisdom that you can only get from experiencing things firsthand.

So — oddly, I’ve definitely been the maid of honor a few times in my life — literally (3 times). Quite strange, I must admit. But now I certainly consider myself quite the expert.

But, I’ll admit, I have had to conquer public speaking and taking roles such as the maid of honor. And I know tons of other women go through these same stresses… after all, its a very big deal. That is why I felt that a solution should be made…

I’ve created an instantly downloadable maid of honor “system” that will hold your hand and gracefully guide you through the maid of honor process…

Announcing The Maid of Honor Speech Kit – A Digital Kit Designed to Assist You In the Entire Maid of Honor Speech Process – From Start to Finish.

That’s right. I’ve created a instantly downloadable guide, a bundle of hand-crafted, down-and-dirty “cheat sheets”.. PLUS a hand-written selection of perfect maid of honor speech samples and examples.

My Maid of Honor kit is jam-packed with tons valuable information that is guaranteed to leave an an everlasting impression on all present at the wedding.

Here’s What’s Included In My Maid of Honor Kit:

  • 10 “fill-in-the-blank” maid of honor speeches templates that have been proven to “wow” the crowd, again and again. Use them to instantly create a maid of honor speech in seconds — simply insert your information and instantly have a compelling, memorable Maid of Honor wedding speech.
  • 20 complete, fully-detailed maid of honor speech samples. These are designed to be creative outlines from which you can gain some ideas for your speech. These include maid of honor speeches for sisters, BFFs, childhood girlfriends, college roomies, colleagues and general friends.
  • 25 often overlooked, yet critical tasks and roles that are traditionally carried out by the Maid of Honor before, during and after the wedding.
  • Tips and tricks from wedding insiders which are critical for your survival as Maid of Honor (do NOT skip this section).
  • An insider’s look at who’s who of the wedding parties. This section closely examines both sides and gives a detailed outline of each of their roles.
  • 10 critical questions you need to ask yourself as Maid of Honor.. or else.
  • Key points on drafting and writing the maid of honor speech, including 10 potent details you must be aware of when writing your speech… or else you’ll be looked down upon by your peers and family.
  • 7 overlooked elements to a flawless, razor-sharp delivery that charms the crowd while portraying you as a person of pure class and 100% confidence.
  • 20 hand-picked jokes that you can instantly add an element of lightheartedness to the end of your speech.

Here’s The Amazing Down-n-Dirty Details You’ll Discover in My Maid of Honor Kit:
  • How all maid of honor situations are different, and how having ONE CRITICAL THING will help you be rigorously prepared for each of them. (Page 2)
  • How being a great _______ and being there for __________ are the characteristics that make a great maid of honor. (Page 2)
  • How creating this one thing can dramatically improve your organization as the maid of honor several times over. (..and free you from making any humiliating mistakes.) (Page 3)
  • How and why you may need to “outsource” some of your work to other bridesmaids… and how to pull it off with complete ease. (Page 3)
  • Why the flurry of responsibilities may lead you to forget this one critical thing. (and trust me, it cannot be missed!) (Page 4)
  • Why your sense of style can be a massive influence to the bridesmaids.
  • The very first thing you must do before helping the bride with the seating arrangements. (Page 4)
  • Why creating and packing this simple Maid of Honor speech sample kit may save the wedding from complete disaster, and blast-away your anxieties more than anything else. (Page 5)
  • How to “push the bride forward” without being rude or obnoxious (…actually you’ll come off sounding like a gentle saint!) (Page 5)
  • A tip on how to become the ultimate ‘communicator’ between the wedding parties  — and how to pull it off with style and grace. (Page 5).
  • How and why you need to give the bride a time and place for personal relaxation before the wedding (…and how you too can use this time to help the bride and relax yourself).  (Page 6)
  • When the most important time is to assist the bride with her train or veil… and a little pointer on how manage the dress in a simple graceful fashion. (Page 6)
  • The #1 secret most practical place to keep the Bride’s ring  if no ring bearer is present. (Page 6)
  • Why you may have to attend this important critical event to make the marriage “legal”.  (Page 7)
  • 4 critical things you must share with the other bridesmaids immediately before the party/reception begins.
  • Why giving your Maid of Honor speech isn’t as demanding as the best man’s…  but why you must include these 2 critically important things. (Page 8 )
  • How you can dramatically help the wedding family capture the moment… without taking photos yourself. (Page 8 )
  • How to briefly explain (to the significant other) why you’re dancing with the best man… and how to gracefully deal with it if your significant other gets upset. (Page 8 )
  • The down-and-dirty inside scoop on the other members of the wedding party, and how their tasks can ‘ease’ you of your responsibilities.
  • A few important quick tips on guiding the “little people” (the ring bearers) without being over-invasive. (Page 10)
  • The “do’s” and “don’ts” of being a superb maid of honor — quickly learn where to draw the line on what is appropriate and what is not.
  • Why doing a few simple ‘adjustments’ will help you deal with a potential “bridezilla” (..and make you look like a hero in return.) (Page 15)
  • A few simple but powerful tips on how to communicate with an upset bride in the most effective and gentle ways possible.
  • A few tricks how how to reassure the bride when minor setbacks occur.
  • 11 writer’s block “busters” on creating the compelling topics for a marvelous maid of honor speech. (Page 17)
  • 2 things you should steer clear from in your maid of honor speech. (Page 18)
  • 7 simple, surefire characteristics to a speech that ‘just works’. Follow these and you virtually cannot fail.
  • And much, much more…
Here Are 9 Reasons Why You’ll Benefit From the Maid of Honor Kit:
Reason #1: You’ll Appear Instantly Creative and Crafty

Use the pre-made speeches in their entirety or select only the finest bits from various speeches to create your own masterpiece… Within minutes you’ll appear as a professional writer, with the time to tailor the speech to crisp perfection.

Reason #2: You’ll Look Incredibly Unique

Draw inspiration from my fresh ideas and don’t get caught recycling content. The last thing you need is for someone to recognize that you’ve “borrowed” your entire Maid of Honor’s speech from the Internet (and the bride will never forgive you for taking such an easy way out either!).

Reason #3: You’ll Resonate an Impeccable Air of Wit, Humor, Sincerity & Charm

Our maid of honor speech samples have all of these and more to create just the right impact you’ll need when you deliver your Maid of Honor speech.

Reason #4: You’ll Spend Your Preparation Headache-Free

It isn’t easy to create a Maid Of Honor speech that will not only capture the essence of the moment but is also well-rounded and full of wit. We’ve laid the groundwork for you. All you need to do to now is add key parts into the mix to create a speech that the bride will always remember with pride.

Reason #5: You’ll Have Works That Are Professionally Written and Crafted

Each of our speeches is written by professionals. As you’re not likely a writer by profession, why not let our experts guide you in creating the best wedding speech possible?

Reason #6: You’ll Enjoy a Virtually Stress Free Preparation

#1 Stressed out person at a wedding? The Bride. #2 – You guessed it right- the Maid of Honor.  There is already so much that you will have to take care of every step of the way. So why not settle for help when it comes to writing your maid of honor speech!

Reason #7: You’ll Save Money by NOT Hiring a Ghostwriter

Don’t bother with “ghost-writers” who know neither you nor the bride. Opt for professional help so that your speech captures the right details and sentiments.

Reason #8: You’ll Gain an Immeasurable Level of Confidence and Self-Respect

With the ideas and maid of honor speech examples that you’ll find in this downloadable kit, you will gain the confidence you need to get up there and deliver the best Maid Of Honor speech most people at the party would have heard.

Reason #9: Satisfaction Guaranteed & Guaranteed to Work.

We are so confident that our downloadable guide will satisfy the wedding crowd that we promise complete satisfaction, or your money back, guaranteed… and you can keep the bonus materials for free..

Try the Maid of Honor Speech Pack by Midnight Tonight, and Get the Following Exclusive Bonus Guides – 100% FREE.($20+ Value)

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Wedding Etiquette Secrets Revealed – Although this little guide focuses primarily on wedding planning, it contains some key nuggets of information that you might find useful.  The guide includes information on the duties of the wedding party and the etiquette breakdown of who’s who. Worth looking at.  $5.97 Value (Included FREE)



How to Be a Pubic Speaking Superstar – This guide explains how to be a remarkable public speaker.  Inside you’ll discover: the three qualities a pulic speaker should possess, the nine steps to creating a powerful and captivating speech, how to overcome speech anxiety, how to use language effectively, how to use your speech anxiety to your advantage, and much more.  $14.97 Value (Included FREE)



From Text to Speech – Captivating Speeches Made Easy – Since the maid of honor speech kit primarily deals with the public speaking duties of the maid of honor, I wanted to include this guide. Inside you’ll discover: how to know what your audience expects of you, the way to use body language to your advantage, 12 tips to overcome your fear of public speaking, 24 ways to write a speech that will captivate your audience, 8 ways to use eye contact and much more.  $17.97 Value (Included FREE)

Here’s What All the Others Are Saying About Our Amazing Maid of Honor Product…

Order By Midnight,, and I’ll Give You MY Personal Speech Writing Assistance…

I Back My Product By a 365-Day, No Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You Are Protected By Our 100% 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If our product does not perform exactly the way in which we have described it to you, simply contact us within 365 days and we’ll instantly give you a prompt refund of your purchase with absolutely no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

  • I understand that I’ll instantly have FULL DOWNLOAD ACCESS to the Maid of Honor Kit + Pre-Made Speech Package + Bonus Materials.
  • I understand that the bonus materials are mine to keep, even if – for some odd reason  I ask for a full refund.
  • I understand that I’ll have full access to the additional cheat sheets and other goodies.
  • I understand that I can email you  for a complimentary review of my speech.
  • I understand my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for 365 days.


Click Above to Instantly Download My Maid of Honor Speech Kit + 6 Additional Bonuses Today.

Just go ahead and click above to try my Maid of Honor Speech Kit.. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

But – regardless of what you choose to do, I wish you my VERY best on your Maid of Honor experience. With a bit of preparation, confidence, and heart — I am sure you’ll do great…

My Very Best,



P.S. – Remember, the sooner you make the decision to use the secrets of my kit, the faster you’ll be prepared for the big event and speech. Being prepared is critical. Don’t risk being unprepared. Click here to download now!

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